10 reasons to freeze your eggs in your 20s

You’ll take advantage of…

1. More eggs to collect: Your number of eggs declines with age

2. Better egg quality: Also declines with age

3. Lower treatment cost: Given 1. and 2., you’ll likely only need one egg freezing cycle to collect a good number of high-quality eggs

4. Early detection of any fertility issues as part of various pre-treatment tests

5. A more positive experience: More women in their 30s experience regret over having too few eggs left or needing to do several cycles

6. Dating with less worry about your biological clock: Even though egg freezing is no guarantee, it provides you with much more information and options

7. Quick bouncing back from treatment

8. Longer freezing won’t affect your eggs: A healthy baby was just born from a 24-year-old frozen embryo

9. Egg freezing with friends: Turn it into an empowering girls’ trip to Spain!

10. Savings for a younger budget: Don’t spend $16k. Spend $3.5k with top outcomes. Ovally can help with financing, too.


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